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Insect Hotel untreated
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Natural insect hotel for many species of bees, wasps, solitary bees, ladybugs, ants, flies, chafers and many more. All materials are absolutely untreated and is planed water repellent.


Dimensions: H 29.5 cm / W 22.2 cm / D 8 cm = inch 11,6 / 8,7 / 3,1)


Suitable for e.g.

- Wild bees (for example peaceable holes bees, mask bees, fur bees)

- Wasps (for example, wasps, wasps, loam wasps)

- Solitary bees (e.g., mason bees, silk bees, wool bees)

- Ladybirds (e.g., Ladybugs, Lucerne Ladybug, Seven-spot Ladybugs)

- Ants, flies, beetles (eg lacewings, wood beetles, ground beetles)

- Butterflies (for example Admiral, day peacock butterfly, pigeon tail)

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