Horsehair broom with Madagascar core

Horsehair broom with Madagascar core / Allround Broom
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Our horsehair brooms with Madagascar core are made of Swiss beech wood and are guaranteed to be equipped with 100% horsehair and pure Madagascan fiber. This makes it the perfect all-round broom for dry to slightly damp floors and dirt from fine to medium-sized. The fine particles are held by the horsehair, for the coarser are responsible for the internally mounted Madagascar fibers. The stocking was carefully collected and bundled by bundles of bundles, hand-made by blind people.

Pure, genuine horsehair is a high-quality material that can not be surpassed in quality, but also has a comparatively higher price. Therefore, on the "free" mass market, there are no 100% horsehair brooms. However, we are convinced that the much longer lifetime and especially the outstanding wiping quality more than make up for the additional price.

Lengths 30/40/50 cm (11,8/15,75/19,68 inch) have a hole detection, i. the stem (see accessories) is inserted there in 90°. Lengths from 60 cm (23,62 inch) are designed for a handle holder (see accessories), which has a 45° angle, so that the broom can be easily pushed in front of him. 


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