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Madagaskarhandfeger / Gartenhandwischer / Cheminéehandfeger
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Our Madagacar hand wipers are made of Swiss beech wood and guaranteed to be 100% Madagascar fiber. The stocking was carefully collected and bundled by bundles of bundles, handpicked by blind fellow human beings (modell "manual production"). The suitable location for Madagascar hand brushes are rougher surfaces with a little coarse dirt. In addition, the plant fiber Madagascar is good heat resistant, i.e. also suitable for fireplaces, ovens etc. Also ideal for brushing wet petals.

Available in two differenz production techniques:


1. Manual production (see picture)

2. Punched


Handle length 32 cm (12,6 inch)

Would you like to see how this article is made? Click on the tab "further information" and then on the small film clip with an example of floor wipers.


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